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LutterworthHistory.co.uk was born out of the desire to present a large archive of historical information about Lutterworth. This was collected over four years researching the history of Lutterworth whilst working on a project for the Victoria County History. The project aim was to document the history of the Parishes of Leicestershire. During this time a large amount of information about the history of Lutterworth was accumulated. Technology was embraced and a website created to showcase this interesting information in an easy-to-access format, with the hope of it being useful to schools, communities, researchers and people from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about Lutterworth and if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to drop us an email: enquiries@lutterworthhistory.co.uk



General Information

General Information

An old copy of the Lutterworth guide and some old photographs.
Timeline of some Lutterworth Historical events.
The Town was prosecuted for the state of the Watling Street as it passed through the Parish.
Details of the murder of John Parsons Cook.
Some of the ways of keeping Law and Order.
An article in the Leicester Historian about Lutterworth in 1509.
A History of Lutterworth from the Leicester Architectural Society Magazine.
Some Royal Visits to the Town.
Road name changes over the years.
How Allotments were incorporated into the Town.

John Goodacre 1

Copy of pages 16 and 17 from a book about Lutterworth by John Goodacre.

John Goodacre 2

Copy of pages 68 and 69 from a book about Lutterworth by John Goodacre.


A definition of interrogatories, which occurs in many of the old transcriptions.

John Parsons Cook

The murder of John Parsons Cook and the lead up to it.

Law and Order detail

A review of various fact about Law and Order in Lutterworth’s past.