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LutterworthHistory.co.uk was born out of the desire to present a large archive of historical information about Lutterworth. This was collected over four years researching the history of Lutterworth whilst working on a project for the Victoria County History. The project aim was to document the history of the Parishes of Leicestershire. During this time a large amount of information about the history of Lutterworth was accumulated. Technology was embraced and a website created to showcase this interesting information in an easy-to-access format, with the hope of it being useful to schools, communities, researchers and people from all over the world.

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A selection of photographs of Old Lutterworth.

Page 1 - Swift Valley View, Swift Bridge, High Street & Narrows, Narrows Down, Church Street. Page 2 - Church Street, St. Mary's Church. Page 3 - St. Mary's Interior, St. Mary's Fresco, Wycliffe Plaque, Wycliffe Bones Burning, Church Steeple. Page 4 - Bank Street & Regent Street, Bank Street, Regent Street, Stoney Hollow, Woodmarket. Page 5 - Station Road, Coventry Road, Coventry Rd. and George St. Corner, Kettell's Garage George Street, Old Ram Inn. Page 6 - Clarkes the Butcher, Railway Bridge, Dalzell Station Road, Moccasins Shop, The Hunt in High Street. Page 7 - Gasometers, Opening of the Wesleyan Chapel, Wesleyan Chapel Interior, Parsons Leys, Old Cricket Pavilion. Page 8 - Payne and Sons, VAD Hospital, Woodmarket House, Hill House, Midland Electric Wire Co. 1920. Page 9 - Steam Engine, Army Camp 1913, Newnham Paddox, Aerial View of Regent Street and High Street, An accident in High Street. Page 10 - Hardings the Builder, Pre-Library, VE Day 1945 Church Street, Station 1898 and 1958.

1 Swift Valley View

A view over the river Swift Valley on the approach to Lutterworth.



2 Swift Bridge

A picture of the river Swift flowing under the Swift Bridge, before the branch to the Mill was closed.



3 High Street and Narrows.

Old Photograph of High Street with the Narrows at the top of High Street.



4 Narrows Down

Photograph of the Narrows with a lorry going through them just prior to the scheme to widen it.



5 Church Street

Old Photograph of Church Gate from the 1900's, looking towards High Street.