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LutterworthHistory.co.uk was born out of the desire to present a large archive of historical information about Lutterworth. This was collected over four years researching the history of Lutterworth whilst working on a project for the Victoria County History. The project aim was to document the history of the Parishes of Leicestershire. During this time a large amount of information about the history of Lutterworth was accumulated. Technology was embraced and a website created to showcase this interesting information in an easy-to-access format, with the hope of it being useful to schools, communities, researchers and people from all over the world.

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mills case 1630

mills case 1630

Witnesses statements and Interrogatory in the Mills Case of 1630.


Francis Pratt

Deposition of Francis Pratt in the Mills Case of 1630.



Thomas Kerby

Deposition of Thomas Kerby in the Mills Case of 1630.



Thomas Wood

Deposition of Thomas Wood, John Pycroft and William Wall in the Mills Case of 1630.


William Bodycote

Deposition of William Bodycote and Thomas Jackson in the Mills Case of 1630.



Giles Tusteon

Deposition of Giles Tusteon and William Wood in the Mills Case of 1630.